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Guangzhou Etoinfo Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, the company has been in the virtual reality (VR), online teaching service (MOOC), multiple areas of the construction of the curriculum resources, curriculum quality operation has accumulated rich experience and successful cases, users all over the country. The company has more than thirty software copyright and works registration certificates, 4 invention patents and 3 new utility models. 2 registered trademarks. Access to China's SME associations and the Ministry of Commerce awarded the "enterprise credit rating 3A certificate" honors, state-level high-tech enterprises. The future, the company will use the advantage of technology accumulation, adhering to the "technology in precision, quality in sincerity; sensitivity to Qin; Cheng Si, in the letter, in the heart." The enterprise culture, which contributes to the development and promotion of China's educational informatization.